APR 25 2012

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Biocurator/GO Meeting Update

Here some important links:

  1. The article of the future project, Elsevier: Reciprocal links to curated papers and more, MGI example
  2. New GO page (beta)
  3. AmiGO2 (beta)

Development Updates

Restriction Enzyme Plugin was not broken just not accessible as before, instructions on dictyBase [1]
Add empty Column 16 to GAF dump
Done (Yogesh)
Strain/Phenotype data migration

Data migrated so far

New ontologies created (Kerry/Petra) and employed after migration:

  1. plasmid_keywords
  2. storage_conditions
    1. obtained_as table for strain curation and stored_from in strain inventory describe the same thing.
    2. storage_conditions> will be ONE ontology for 'obtained_as', 'Stored_as', and 'stored_from' for BOTH, strains and plasmids
  3. Specs defined for <code>strain_inventory, plasmid_inventory
Dicty 13 Update
  1. Preliminary information received from Paul

Overhaul(phase 1)

  • Timeline
  • Chado unit testing framework
  • Chado database versioning system

Migration plan


Other Items

These are unsolved items, mostly from previous meetings.

  • D. lacteum addition
  • Genbank update
  • Community Curation form (keep here for safe keeping - definitely worth doing longterm)
  • Issue tracker (discussed before: JIRA, Redmine, GitlabHQ')
  • Dave Knecht found that Plasmid searches do not accept wildcard character
  • Change note on SC search page SC search
  • HFSP grant
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