APR 12 2012

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Dicty Meeting 2012

  • Idea for talk: At the biocurator biocreative I decided it would be good to talk about how people can help by writing papers better to streamline curation. Title: "dictyBase literature curation and how YOU can help"
  • We should also do a poster about the new genomes, with poster computer presentation. Sidd, want to be first author on that poster and we work together on it? - Petra


  • Registration has been set up & is working.
  • Add abstract submission
  • Add registration updates (for few selected admins)

Multigenome Release - D.fasciculatum, P.pallidum

  • Site is in testdb.
  • Most of the issues to be resolved in github

Database Update Discussion

  • Need to schedule a meeting to discuss

Adding an upload function for Stock center Items

  • Strain records and inventories
  • Plasmid records and inventories
  • Squeeze in once Yogesh has started

Adding/Changing Links under Top bar

  • Add other genomes
  • Add History link under Community
  • Add Transcriptome Browser (TBrowse) link under Tools
  • Move Teaching Protocols under Explore
  • Add Stock center FAQ link under SC
  • Remove "bacterial Strain Catalog' under Stock Center
  • Remove bets Genome browser (once Dd Gbrowse is updated)

Development Priorities as Discussed

* Written in really really old code, chance of breaking up
* Becomes unmaintainable if the code needs updating to account for any new genbank spec
* Not worth patching if it needs to many changes

HFSP grant for funding an additional programmer or curator

  • Is any action necessary at this point, or are we waiting to hear back from Pauline?
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