Changing a Curated Model

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Change an existing curated model, including pseudogenes

Make change to gene model using Apollo or sequence coordinates (in the case of a pseudogene). Make the following private curator notes:

  • MAKE SURE YOU CREATE A NEW CURATED MODEL which will assign a new DDB ID.
  1. Create a new Curated Model from the Gene Prediction. NOTE THE NEW DDBID. Click 'YES' when asked to confirm whether you want to create a second gene model.
  2. Delete the 'current' gene model. Enter the new DDBID in the 'Replaced by' box.
  3. Make a public note as follows:
  • changed curated model POSSIBLE EXPLANATION, date (25-JAN-2008) initials
  • changed curated model to pseudogene POSSIBLE EXPLANATION, date (25-JAN-2008) initials
  • changed pseudogene model POSSIBLE EXPLANATION, date (25-JAN-2008) initials

This allows to easily query the changed gene models with the following query:

SELECT d.gene_name , p.value FROM cgm_chado.featureprop p JOIN cgm_chado.v_gene_dictybaseid d on 
d.GENE_FEATURE_ID= p.FEATURE_ID WHERE p.type_id=995 AND value like '%change%model%' or value like '%Change%model%'
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