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Quick Stock Center Question

We have a page available from the Stock Center dropdown 'Bacterial strain catalog' [1]. This list is a pain to update and would need to be rewritten to be in synch with our individual strain records, where the bacterial strains are also listed (search for "Klebsiella' or E. coli'. ). I checked in google stats how often the catalog is accessed, and it is just 2x/year. To be exact, 2x in 2011, d 2x in 2010. I think from that low use, we should get rid of the catalog page instead of investing in rewrite. petra

Multigenome Release - D.fasciculatum, P.pallidum

  • Genomes are loaded
    • Have to rewrite the entire script from scratch + adding the option for mito genome
  • Started working on gene page application and gbrowse display
  • Things will be left ....
    • Integrating publication
    • Search
    • Blast database
    • Download page
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  • What is current status?
  • Still in the works/GBrowse, fixes, expected some time early January
  • Rex had mentioned in an email to Pauline (12/14/11) that we could possibly add D. lacteum, or even the A.subglobosum to this release if they are in GenBank format. Have we heard back on this?

Database Update Discussion

  • Sidd drew on board what database we have now, how parts are related, then drew how he would be doing it if rewriting
  • Need to schedule a meeting to discuss this

Adding an upload function for Stock center Items

  • Strain records and inventories
  • Plasmid records and inventories
  • Squeeze in once Yogesh has started

Adding History link under Community

  • At GO release

HFSP grant for funding an additional programmer or curator

  • Is any action necessary at this point, or are we waiting to hear back from Pauline?

Development Priorities as Discussed

  1. Finish Multigenome
  2. GenBank Update (start): 1 week and 1 day from time to time
  3. GAF pipeline for protein2GO annotations: 2 weeks
  4. OS 64bit system update: 6 month?
  5. Gbrowse2 using postgresql: 3 month
  6. Intermine: 3 month??
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