Getting Started With Modware using Vmware appliance

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About the VM

  • It is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS server edition as downloaded from VM appliance directory.
  • GMOD fully installed (anonymous checkout of CVS HEAD checked out July 17, 2007)
  • Modware tested and installed (anonymous checkout of CVS HEAD checked out July 18, 2007)
  • username ubuntu, password, ubuntu
  • Please change password on first usage

Get VMWare & Modware Virutual Machine

Download VMware Player. It's free.


Download VMware Fusion. VMware fusion is unfortunately not free. However, there is a Beta version that is still free. Use that.

Download Modware appliance

VMWare appliance

Working with the appliance

  • Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  • Double click on the Ubuntu-6.06.1-server-i686-BASE.vmx file therein.
  • Login as ubuntu, password is also ubuntu.
  • change ubuntu password for security
  • sudo ./
  • cd modware_fun
  • open and read the scripts to see how to write code with Modware
    • demonstrates how to create an insert new gene features (in this case ncRNA genes) from a data file (embedded in __DATA__ section in the script). It also demonstrates the useach of Modware::Search Count and Search methods.
    • demonstrates how you can use Modware to search for all features of a given type on a chromosome and write a sequence file containing sequences for each of those features.

LATER RELEASES WILL CONTAIN MORE, UNTIL THEN, email with questions or contrubutions.!

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