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Meeting Nov 13-2009 with Yulia, Sidd, Pascale, Warren and Dan Barrell (EBI)

File at EBI

UniProt Acc No | dictyBase gene ID | dictybase gene name

  • conversion from DDB -> DDB_G caused some confusion; this caused gene names to be lost

Update daily from

  • ? confirm URL
  • then the data gets incorporated during releases

  • From the GenBank file: EBI imports this data into the record in the DR line but they do not use that to make cross references
  • To make the xref, they need UniProt Acc no | DDB_G | gene name

If we had updated a sequence: ie new protein ID, they would get that information from us - new version of a sequence: change in version number, but no change in accession numbers so that the mappings should NOT be chanaged - is the gene name in the

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