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Several Issue Trackers for the dictyBase team exist
  • Chado Port: This issue tracker is used by the programmers to track the development of the Chado schema in dictyBase.
  • Curator Issues: This issue tracker is used by the curators to track curation issues and store SOPs that have been decided on.
  • Curator Requests: Here curators can store requests sent out to users. Requests include reprint requests and questions on sequences, annotations, and nomenclature. This issue tracker does not include curator requests to other databases, for example, SourceForge items.
  • Issue Tracker (dictyBase Enhancements): Both programmers and curators use this tracker to enter bugs or new features to fix or add to dictyBase.
  • Stock Center Issue Tracker: This issue tracker is used by the programmers and the Stock Center to track the development of the Dicty Stock Center on production and the Stock Center curation tools.
  • User Requests: In this issue tracker, Email correspondence with users is chronicled. Emails sent to dictyBase are entered as an issue, with subsequent Emails entered as followups. Correspondence initiated by curators is entered with the section 'curator request.'
The User Requests sections are as follows:
  • help: Help finding information in dictyBase, such as genes, sequences, etc.
  • annotation: Questions about existing annotations or suggestions for new annotations. May include lists of genes in dictyBase to add, for example, genes in the Loomis book.
  • nomenclature: Requests for gene name changes and questions about nomenclature of genes and strains. Includes gene name reservations.
  • citing dictyBase/SC: Questions on how to cite dictyBase web pages or the Sequencing Centers.
  • techniques/reagents: Questions on culturing cells or other laboratory techniques. Also includes requests for plasmids/strains (we had a few requests for an RFP vector). These are typically forwarded to the Dicty ListServ or the Dicty Stock Center.
  • computational/technical: Questions on retrieving data from dictyBase that is beyond the scope of curators. Usually large-scale retrieval of sequences or annotations. These requests are answered by the developers.
  • colleague information: Request to update a colleaugue's contact information. Users can do this themselves but it is easier to update database and inform the colleague rather than explain how to do it.
  • general biology: General questions about Dictyostelium biology. Usually these questions come from non-Dicty scientists, non-scientists, and undergrads.
  • static pages: Questions or suggestions about static pages. For example, job postings or images for the Multimedia pages.
  • comment: Any comment made by a colleague. For example, praise for dictyBase...this is always good!
  • curator request: An Email exchange initiated by a curator. Typically these are regarding nomenclature or annotation of a researcher's genes.
  • bogus: Non-serious requests to which we typically do not respond.
  • other: Any other request not covered by the above sections.

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