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High priority

  1. Add date on individual GO and phenotype annotations: (GO)
  2. Share phenotype annotations:
  3. Link Parent in Strain record:
  4. Fix bug display for GO terms with synonyms:
  5. Need to be able to create gene models w/o STOP:
  6. Fix order of phenotypes:
  7. Reference manual imports
  8. Literature linking tool: can we accept dicty reference_no: w/o start or stop would be labeled as 'partial'
  9. Add lit topics :)
  10. Flagging genes with community annotations:
  11. Fix reference on EST page

Maybe these can be done easily?

  1. GO flybase link outdated:
  2. Problem with tair link:
  3. Fix link outs in ref_no11067 to open in a new window (should be easy)
  4. Fix link in GO curation (or remove link): (two issues)
  5. BLAST reset button not working: Fix or remove

Lower priority

  1. Strain bug display for long name descriptors (Mac- Safari)
  2. Make links to PubMed consistent:
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