JAN 26 2009

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  • [Action] Genbank update
    • Code fixed to scrub all unwanted product name.
    • [Next] Send it to karen, this time with sequence output.
  • [Action] D. purpureum
    • Repeated attempts failed, the current dev vm has a botched file system.
      • [Next] Ask dong to get a copy of vm that is running on test site and use that as a dev vm.
    • Started writing a script for fixing JGI data. What kind of ID nomenclature should we use. -> DPU_G

Topics carried over from previous meetings

  • Pascale: To add a list of features wanted parsed from Swiss-Prot records
  • Issues with dicty database import (updates)
  • delete old C2 record from GenBank: [2]

  • BioMart: status: Sidd will work on that once he's done with purpureum

  • InterMine: having problems loading out GFF3 file

  • Physarum site: looking for related species: working on Gene Predictions and Blast server (Sidd and Yulia);

Nov 24-2008: [ON HOLD] problem with script for loading and testing being overlapping (???) Cannot afford to spend a lot of time on this until the next release.

  • Modware paper

  • [ACTION ITEM]: Yulia to change links to external resources to include Identifier (for eg: EC:; UniProt: Q12345)

  • Scripts for the Update Downloads page : status? Pascale notes to make downloads: Update_Downloads_Page

  • Other Ensemblized Genomes: Rex to pursue with the EBI

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