JUNE 3 2009

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What do we present at the Dicty 2009 meeting?

  • Have 'new' dictyBase including gene page ready - talk and pamphlet: Petra, Yulia
  • Bulk data at dictyBase poster -Sidd and Yulia and Pascale
  • Stock Center poster - Marc, Pascale, Petra
  • reference genomes - Pascale

Pascale Visit

Dates: ~ end of June 24-July 1st OK. We'll meet at Warren's house Friday July 26.

Genbank Update

  • Sidd finished the dump today
  • emailing/uploading data to Karen this week
  • When do we start the next one? July 1st

GO: OBO file issue

"The GO Consortium no longer uses or supports files in the legacy GO format. Should you require a file in this format, the command-line script obo2flat can be used to interconvert between OBO format and the legacy GO format. obo2flat is a Java script and comes as part of the OBO-Edit package; instructions on usage are provided in the OBO-Edit User Guide. "

  • GO curation tool: Protein2GO: Does that get put on hold?

Making a 'Protein' page and/or adding tabs or collapsible sections

  • in conjunction with new front page and overall design
  • in two weeks Yulia think she will be ready to put a new version on test ~ June 19
  • About June 25th send to users for feedback


  • Next priority. Do we need a plan?

Action items

  • Change time script runs for the UniProt ID/data synchronization to match their release cycle

Items carried over from previous meetings

  • Other Ensemblized Genomes: Rex to pursue with the EBI

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