JUN 14 2012

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Multigenome release

Setup to automate the transition to 64bit machines.
  • Majority of its done.
  • What's left
Complete the documentation.
Do the test run on mine and yogesh's machine.
Discussion of software issues
Stock Center Upload
  • Basic UI ready and the application is functional.
  • What next: Improve interface and connect to Oracle

'Nice to have' additions

  1. GBrowse: 'clean up' Blast alignments
    1. When Blast alignments are cleaned up, consider aligning other species. We do need to align species to D. discoideum!
  2. ESTs for P.pallidum. P.pallidum ESTs are available, would be nice to include.
    1. For BLAST database (easy, just sequence FastA)
    2. GBrowse

Dicty2012 Meeting

Rex, Petra and Bob will be attending


  • SAB Meeting: We need to explain well why we need upgrade /rewrite. Teresa is already informed about need of room. Will start on SAB slides after V1 of talk, see below. Expect to send first version of SAB early July
  • Talk about Literature curation and how people can help: Petra: Abstract submitted, slides V1 about 2/3 done, expect to send in about a week.
  • Poster + Workshop for new genomes/Gbrowse/Outlook: Bob: Abstract submitted, started on poster

dictyBase Volunteer

Ismail has started, Monday, June 9.
Project: interpro2gff3 conversion

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