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Pointed out several unpredicted genes that then were also repredicted by the geneid reprediction program

Additional unpredicted genes:

  1. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0305357
  2. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0305367
  3. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0305372

Gene model suggestions:

  1. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0278045
  2. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0278875
  3. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0276069
  4. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0276347

Gene name suggestions:

  1. http://dictybase.org/gene/mrhA
  2. http://dictybase.org/gene/hapA
  3. http://dictybase.org/gene/matA

Wiki community annotations:

  1. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0279893
  2. http://dictybase.org/gene/DDB_G0279871

Gene names and annotations for the following gene families:

  • ili* - Induced after Legionella Infection;
  • rli* - Repressed after Legionella Infection;
  • udu* - Upregulated in DupA mutant (uninfected);
  • ddu* - Downregulated in DupA mutant (uninfected).

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