MAY 11 2009

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Dicty 09 Meeting Page ready

Good !!!

Genbank update

  • Karen's need to respond about giving us a new contig id. // Sidd called today, will follow up

Making a 'Protein' page and/or adding tabs or collapsible sections

  • Yulia will try to make the tabs more visible/ done, but she will make one more change, increase size of active tab about 20%.
  • Splice variants discussion. One tab for each, sequences and proteins, with the ability to toggle between the variants.
  • We'll send the prototype to a few usrs for feedback: Bill Loomis, Robert Insall, Thierry Soldati, Jeff Williams, Chris Thompson, Robin Williams, Gareth Bloomfield, Silvia Jimenez
  • Need to draft letter to these users. Letter sent to Yulia

Next Software update: Release 2-14

  • Tentative date: Tomorrow, Tue May 12
  • [Action items ]
    • Write the announcement (Sidd)
    • Add the link in the front page
    • Fix one stock center bug and another bug reported by pascale

Topics carried over from previous meetings

DDB_G - DDB-UniProt mapping file

  • Remove promoter elements DDB IDs - fixed
  • add links to DDB_G if can be found - fixed

Scripts for the Update Downloads page

  • Will discuss with Yulia next week - done
  • Pascale's notes to make downloads: Update_Downloads_Page - done

  • [ACTION ITEM]: Yulia to change links to external resources to include Identifier (for eg: EC:; UniProt: Q12345) -> Should we move this to the Issue Tracker and implement in the next software release?
  • Issues with dicty database import (updates): DONE
  • BioMart: status: Sidd will work on that once he's done with purpureum : ON HOLD - see Developement TO DO list
  • InterMine: having problems loading out GFF3 file : ON HOLD - see Developement TO DO list
  • GO curation tool: Protein2GO
    • One consideration is that the old file format will be retired on 1st Aug 2009.: TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE DICTYBASE MEETING
  • Physarum site: looking for related species: working on Gene Predictions and Blast server (Sidd and Yulia)

Nov 24-2008: [ON HOLD] problem with script for loading and testing being overlapping (???) Cannot afford to spend a lot of time on this until the next release. ON HOLD - see Developement TO DO list

  • Modware paper : next after this release

  • Other Ensemblized Genomes: Rex to pursue with the EBI

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