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Those vectors were deigned for purifying complexes using the TAP-tag system. See Meima, M. E., Weening, K. E., Schaap, P. (2007) 'Vectors for expression of proteins with single or combinatorial fluorescent protein and tandem affinity purification tags in Dictyostelium.' Protein Expr Purif 53:283-8 PMID 17296313

Vector name - Backbone - Tag position - GenBank Accession #
EXP4(+): pAT153 - None EF028663
EXP5(+): EXP4(+) - None EF028664
pDV-NYFP: EXP5(+) - N-terminal YFP EF028665
pDV-NTAP: EXP5(+) - N-terminal TAP EF028666
pDV-CGFP: EXP5(+) - C-terminal YFP EF028667
pDV-CYFP: EXP5(+) - C-terminal GFP EF028668
pDV-CTAP: EXP5(+) - C-terminal TAP EF028669
pDV-NTAP-NYFP: EXP5(+) - N-term. YFP and TAP EF028670
pDV-NYFP-CTAP: EXP5(+) - N-term. YFP, C-term. TAP EF028671
pDV-CGFP-CTAP: EXP5(+) - C-term. GFP, C-term. TAP EF028672
pDV-CYFP-CTAP: EXP5(+) - C-term. YFP, C-term. TAP EF028673
pDV-NTAP-CGFP: EXP5(+) - N-term. TAP, C-term. GFP EF028674
pDV-NTAP-CYFP: EXP5(+) - N-term. TAP, C-term. YFP EF028675

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