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  • Stock Center grant
  • Strains/Pheno paper
  • Ref Genome paper
  • ref genome project: update, progress, etc
  • GO meeting April
  • IEA annotations: Interpro versus BLAST
  • Curation Status notes:
    • Does annotation to 'unknown' constitute a comprehensive annotation?
    • Do we add two notes? Curated model added and other?
  • Add note on front page: 'new' recusitated genes?
  • Biocurators society
  • Genome update: Angelika removing old C2 entry? (Petra)
  • GO SOPs: when adding 'NOT' also add a root annotation?
  • SwissProt marathon:
    • UFP: From Amos: I want to add a third group of entries that could be the target of

annotation (the first group being those with published references and the second the ones that have orthologs in human, Drosophila and yeast or S. pombe): these are families that are specific to Dictyostelium. It would be interesting to try to annotate some of these even if the annotation will be minimal. For example I just created an "UPF" (Uncharacterized Protein Family) for the family of 24 small proteins that comprise:

DDB0168238, DDB0168809, DDB0189143, DDB0189144, DDB0190588, DDB0190590, DDB0191010, DDB0191871, DDB0191872, DDB0191873, DDB0191874, DDB0191875, DDB0191879, DDB0202029, DDB0205218, DDB0205703, DDB0205705, DDB0205706, DDB0216599, DDB0216750, DDB0219620, DDB0219744, DDB0219843

For most of these families we will not be able to add anything interesting, but the fact of flagging them with a UPF number will help users recognizing them as member of a family just by looking at their description line in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.

  • Ask Eric and Sidd about cvs


  • creating a 'dictyBase chromosome'
  • Curation of repetitive elements
  • GenBank updateL status and strategy for maintaining IDs up to date
  • gp2protein: Figure out!! deadline coming up...
  • UniProt pipeline: maintaining IDs current

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