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  • Unpublished data about rnrB

We have deleted the promoter for rnrB, between nt -212 and nt -450, the elements required for the DNA damage response.

The mutant does not upregulate the rnrB transcript in response to DNA damaging agents and has increased cell cycle arrest when treated with DNA damaging agents, see Rnr-P-ko-damage survival1.

Pascale Gaudet 06:42, 23 June 2006 (CDT)

RNRdb database

RNRdb Lundin, D., Torrents, E., Furrer, E., Larsson Birgander, P., Sahlin, M., Poole, A.M. and Sjöberg, B.-M. (2005) RNRdb: The ribonucleotide reductase database. Dept. of Molecular Biology & Functional Genetics, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. version 1.0

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