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General Issue

We need to decide which searches we would like to perform through a Search box - as currently on the main page or in the dicty stock center search versus which searches we will do through Intermine. For general searches, we need to decide what to display on the search user-interface, what information in the database needs to be queried, what output is expected, and how it should be displayed. More complex queries would need to be handled through Intermine. We need to compile a list of searches we would like and then decide if they are best handled through a search box or intermine.

Initial list of desired searches

  • General searches:
    • Search for all PMID associations (Genes, GO, Strains, Phenotypes). (Petra thinks INTERMINE will allow searches like this.)
  • Stock Center searches:
    • Provide a pop-up of the keywords as a help to search plasmids
    • Make plasmid description searchable
    • Plasmid searches do not accept wildcard character
    • Add "Bacterial strains" and "Antibodies, to the Stock Center search box pull down.
  • User requested searches:
    • Flag frequently cited papers: Run citation index on all Dicty papers. Look at output and mark/flag/ make easily searchable.
    • Make disease genes searchable. The easiest would be gene-PMID associations where the 'disease' topic is clicked (something complex like this possible in Intermine?)pf
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