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Many of the following tasks are done by the curators on a rotating basis, except a few propriatary tasks; Stock Center-related tasks are always completed by Kerry.



  • Respond to user requests
  • Process colleague forms, make sure associate name submissions are correct. To delete a colleague by number, there is a link on top of the Update Colleague Information page!
  • Moderate the Dicty ListServ
  • Kerry answers Stock Center (DSC) requests


Associate Papers to Genes

  • New papers in PubMed are displayed on the front page each Monday, or can be searched by using the SQL query below. The abstract needs to be examined and the whole paper scanned for strains (see below). Genes are attached using the Literature curation tool. This task is usually completed by Bob.
select * from reference where date_created >= to_date('03/19/2007','MM/DD/YYYY') 
and date_created < to_date('03/20/2007','MM/DD/YYYY') 
and ref_source = 'PUBMED' 
order by reference_no
  • Copy new papers in the LiteratureYEAR.xls file on
  • Send Community curation request to first/last authors when new strains have been created. Update email according to evolving time!

Monday or Tuesday

Update HTML pages

  • dictyNews on front page: Search Google News for "Dictyostelium" and add as news item on front page starting: "Dicty in the News:..."
  • Tweet when a new item has been added to front page news [1]!
  • Check if job flag is up and how old job ads are, update accordingly


dictyNews Newsletter (this is usually Petra's task)

  • Send two abstracts or more in any week. If there's no abstract, no newsletter.
  • If there's one abstract, no newsletter in the first week, but send it

in the second week no matter if there are additional abstracts. So there is maximum a two week wait .

  • Send dictyNews in plain text to, and add the newsletter to the dictyBase archive.
  • See example of newsletter dictyNews.v29V3
  • Newsletters are no in CVS anymore as of January 2011

New Materials Email

If new materials have been stored in the DSC Kerry sends a 'new material email' to the listserv at

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