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GO annotation questions for actin and complexes

This concerns annotations from ref 12201 [1]. In this paper, authors label actin (pLiM-RFP) and the vatM subunit (GFP) of the V ATPase, and observe (nice movies), how the V ATPase complex is recycled in the cell. When cells engulf a yeast, the phagocytic cup and early phagosome are labeled brightly with actin, then the vatM labeled GFP labeling takes over, and before exocytosis V ATPase is released from the membrane and actin takes over again before the content is expelled. This opened two questions:

  1. Actin: I annotated the agreed on actin genes ( Special_Cases#actin ) with component annotations to the above mentioned. But can actin also be annotated with the process 'phagocytosis', as it seems clear it is involved in this process? But what evidence code could be used? IDA??
  2. V ATPase: I annotated vatM to phagocytic cup, however, can I annotated the other subunits? What evidence codes? IC is not possible. The authors clearly infer they are following the complex, and it would be nice to annotate all vatA-P subunits. Here is also the question if one could annotate to the process, bu it is harder to argue by pure association only. Petra

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