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To do

  • Make a list of materials needed on a regular basis:
    • color-coded tubes (storage)
    • boxes for shipping
    • etc

  • plasmid inventory: compare Jakob's DNA inventory with our on-line inventory


  • Test strain mhkC- (DBS0235648) for resistance to either bsR or hygR. See also
  • Some of Herb Ennis' strains are in the Orange Tank and have not yet been stored. They are in Rack 3, Box 1C. Grow up and make stocks for permanent storage:
    • HR25 (neoR): AX3 expressing V63/PsA-I-S65T-GFP
    • HR68 (BsR, ura-): recapitulated suppressor #1 (atg6) of chtA in DH1
    • HR70 (BsR, ura-): recapitulated suppressor #1 (atg6) of chtA in DH1 (different clone of the HR68 strain).

Recommended strains

  • Thawed AX4- Kuspa 3/24/2009
  • Transfered to HL5 flask on 3/27/2009

Software Development

  • Nenkin links

Bar coding system

  • Asked Wendy about what company they order from: They use the following barcoded tubes and tracking systems.

2D barcoded tubes:

Wireless single tube reader:

Flatbed 3 plate reader:

The tubes come in a number of different variations (screwtop, etc) and the readers can be somewhat sketchy at times (ie. not reading as opposed to misreads). I'd be happy to talk with you further once you've had a chance to review the options.

1D bar coded tubes:

  • see Fisher cat # 03-390-111: 291$ for 500 tubes.
  • reader: BARCODE SCANNER NUNC USB 1/CS Fisher cat # 12-565-001 (450$) [1]

To follow up with Jakob

  • Pauline sGC question (what is the reference for that strain:

I wonder if the sGC strain from Pauline : .pl?genotype_id=596 (no reference)

corresponds to the strain described by Peter in Veltman, D. M., Van Haastert, P. J. (2006) 'Guanylyl cyclase protein and cGMP product independently control front and back of chemotaxing Dictyostelium cells.' Mol Biol Cell 17:3921-9?

Seems to correspond; hygromycin resistant, in AX3. If so, I'll add the reference.

  • Pauline strains in the -80: Jakob will check that they have been entered from the 'Dundee'file
  • Jakob needs to annotate several plasmids: his, Pauline Schaap, Jeff WIlliams, Adrian Harwood, a few others.
  • Finish the Endnote Library


  • Move back up plasmid boxes to Rex's -80
  • Ask Rex to move the 3rd liquid N2 tank
  • Figure out dry ice supply -- switch to pellets if possible
  • Figure out contract for liquid N2
  • Order stand CO2 [arrived - June 2009]- need to install
  • Order Qiagen kit - or rather get Invitrogen kit, according to Tony better/cheaper, easy to get in building, 6th floor. [Done. The yields of the preps were not great- we'll go for the cheaper Solution 1-2-3 method]
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