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Summary Paragraphs are usually written when ALL papers have been curated, or all that have data for 'big' genes. Exceptions can be made, especially if working with a user who submits summaries, and if there are a lot of older papers that cannot be curated at the time, see below.



  • Summary paragraphs should usually exist in conjunction with comprehensive annotations, meaning all existing papers at the time need to be taken into account. Exceptions can be made for genes with much older literature. If a considerable amount of those have not been curated basic annotations can be used. See next point.
  • If a summary paragraph is added as basic annotations (mostly through collaboration with external users), the summary still must provide a good synopsis of what the gene is, what functions are known, etc. Just writing a summary of a couple of new papers without greater context is not sufficient. At least those papers need to be summarised for which current GO annotations and phenotypic data are available.
  • Add information from as many papers as possible and reasonable. This depends on the citation volume, but the status 'comprehensive' is desired and then needs to be fulfilled.
  • Link all external genes when mentioning the first time!
  • When a new paper comes out on a gene that already has a summary, the existing summary needs to be updated as well as the curation status.
  • GO terms used to be linked but a current bug prevents this. If an existing summary has GO terms, linked, the links need to be removed before submission, or the editing needs to be deferred.
  • Update other general annotations (nomenclature, short description) if updating curation status with summary
  • In general use curator discretion when judging what to add depending on citation volume. But when for example 3 papers have the gene/protein name in the title out of a total of 6, it's worth mentioning them, even if just for intro or general info.





These could use an update, but not high priority, however, when curating newer paper one might be prompted.

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