AUG 9 2010

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Dicty 2010 Meeting

Next Release 2.19 (Aug. 12?) Review/Update

  • Review release data(this thursday?)
  • Included:
    • Ortholog display [ H.sapiens, M.musculus, S.cerevisiae S288c, D.melanogaster C.elegans, E.coli, A.thaliana ]
    • synced dicty gene product names in the blast aligned feature at testgenomes
    • Searching behavior: removed restriction on searching gene names by gene id
    • BLAST server: Adding P pallidum and D fasciculatum
    • List of recent papers?

IntAct(Quick prototype demo)

  • Quick prototype demo for IntAct data visualization using cytoscapeweb.(sidd)
    • Data retrieved from PSICQUIC web servies.
    • 133 nodes, 187 interactions.

Things below just carry-over, not discussed today

Other items

On the topic on IDs: the GenBank links on the Gene pages (see for example sadA gene) we link out to our own version of the sequence (for example sadA AY178767). This is misleading and also unnecessary. We should link to GenBank directly and remove the tab for the GenBank sequence.

Next next release

1. Migrating reference tables and GO to Chado Completed so far: Reference data migration from SGD -> Chado. Status: Will start working after this release is done.

2. Interpro domains for all dicty genes (Yulia)

Running interpro analysis using InterProScan web service instead of relying on interpro-uniprot-dictybase mapping)
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