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Dendrograms show that ArrH, ArrJ and ArrK are closely related to one another, the only clear subgrouping withing the ArrX proteins. These three and ArrF cluster with human Arfs in diagrams which include both Arfs and Arf-related proteins.


The arrH, arrJ and arrK genes, and no others of the arrX group, are strongly (6 to 30-fold) overexpressed in a Dictyostelium strain in which the retinoblastoma-like gene rblA has been disrupted. Most of the genes overexpressed in this strain are associated with cell cycle progression, and this suggests that the main role of the corresponding proteins is in S-phase or mitosis.

Human Arf1 has been reported to be essential for Golgi complex fragmentation during mitosis (Tang et al, JBC 283, 6085-94 (2008); Xiang et al, JBC 282, 21829-37 (2007). It thus seems possible that ArrH, ArrJ and ArrK are involved in this process in Dicty.

Harry MacWilliams, September 2009

We have found very similar results including human, C. elegans and D. melanogaster sequences in the set of proteins used for the tree. See Weeks G, Gaudet P, and Insall RH. (2005) The small GTPase superfamily. in Dictyostelium Genomics. Horizon Bioscience.


Pascale Gaudet 08:53, 20 October 2009 (CDT)

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