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  1. InParanoid list for curation (using human)
  2. Look at papers with lit topics but no GO and report why
  3. Generate Endnote file from PuMed references// Get more references from Agricola (and other databases?)
  4. Curate genes with highest number of publications (1 gene a week per curator)
  5. Move Systematic Names of the form HM101 to 'Systematic Name' field [How?]


  1. check HomoloGene-- links Dicty or other organisms?? (from this page:[orgn]


  1. Link to Integr8
  2. Find genes with highest number of publications as curation targets (in curators folder)
  3. Change reference for ND annotations to the dictyBase reference (9851)
  4. 'Help documents for Search Page' also went nowhere (done when updated search page)
  5. Sequence Ontology terms
  6. Remove "other" phenotypes List of "other" phenotypes
  7. Fix pseudogenes: a) change gene product to "pseudogene", b) description to "putative pseudogene; xxx family protein", c) remove GO annotations List of pseudogenes
  8. Maybe this one as a goal: come to solution for pseudogene nomenclature?
  9. Strain Nomenclature Proposal

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